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We are currently only distributing devices in Rwanda through our pilot project. If you represent a high school or polytechnic institution in Rwanda use this form to request a LearnBox. If you live outside Rwanda and would like a LearnBox please contact us.

Rwanda Pilot

Bringing eLearning to disadvantaged populations

Rwanda was an ideal project site. It is known in Africa as a proof of concept country. Like many African countries internet pentation is low due to cost and availability.

Internet Penetration 36%
High Speed Mobile Internet subscriptions (3 & 4G) 28%
Households possessing a mobile telephone 63%

By creating a device that has eLearning software, video content, and streaming built-in, learners can access quality content via a Wi-Fi hotspot. This removes the need for internet access for both the provider and student. The LearnBox also has a built-in power supply that can be recharged with a solar panel. This was necessary in Rwanda and power can be unreliable particularly in rural areas.

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