Rwanda Pilot: Bringing eLearning to disadvantaged populations

By creating a device that has eLearning software, video content, and streaming built-in, learners can access quality content via a Wi-Fi hotspot. This removes the need for internet access for both the provider and student. The LearnBox also has a built-in power supply that can be recharged with a solar panel. This was necessary in Rwanda; power can be unreliable particularly in rural areas.

Why we selected Rwanda?

Rwanda was an ideal project site. It is known in Africa as a proof of concept country. Like many African countries internet pentation is low due to cost and availability.

Internet Penetration 36%
High Speed Mobile Internet subscriptions (3 & 4G) 28%
Households possessing a mobile telephone 63%
Training Workshop: August 26th 2021

We have successfully completed the first LearnBox training workshop at the East Gate Hotel is Ngoma, Rwanda. The workshop brought together teachers, IT proffessionals, NGOs and local eLearning providers to learn about the features of the LearnBox and discuss the challenges facing students in Rwanda.

One of our pilot sites: IPRC Ngoma - Rwanda Polytechnic
Teachers and admins participating in LearnBox training workshop
Local IT personel inspecting the LearnBox